Paving Repairs & Maintenance

Save yourself trouble and aggravation, hire us for your paving repairs

Maintaining your paving will save you time and money.

Regardless of how well paving might be laid, and no matter how much was spent on quality materials,
all paving will require some basic paving repair & maintenance to keep it looking their best.

Cleaning, sealing and restoring paving is an important part of Prestige Paving`s services to our clients.

We are able to clean and repair most types of outdoor paving including natural stone, clay and concrete brick paving by using the latest high pressure equipment as well as top of the range sealing products.

Prestige paving maintenance

Paving Repairs for Patios, Paver Pool Decks and Paving Driveways.

Prestige Paving repair paving patios, paver pool decks and paving driveways.

Our Paving repair services include:

  • Replacing broken paver edge restraints.
  • Lifting and repairing low and sunken spots on paving patios and paver driveways.
  • Replacing cracked and loosened pavers.
  • Broken paver steps. Rebuilding leaning columns and sitting walls.
  • Fixing paver driveways which have shifted causing gaps and uneven edges.
  • Drainage problems on pavers.

You name it, and our experts can repair it.

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Common Paving Questions.

Why does paving bricks sometimes sink into the ground?

  • Unstable Ground
  • Water Erosion
  • Poor Preparation

Block paving repairs are normally required for block paving that has sunk. This can become a dangerous hazard if left too long, so the sooner a block paving restore can be done, the better.

fix sunken pavers

Why do paver bricks crack or chip?

Some of the reasons why cracks and chipped stones may appear:

  • Nearby tree roots
  • The base wasn’t installed correctly
  • Overload traffic
  • Settlement cracking - could be due to vibrations from nearby construction or minor earthquakes
cracked pavers

What are the reasons for uneven paving?

  • Dips or pothole-like areas in your patio can be the result of a base that wasn’t properly compacted during construction
  • The area was never level
  • The paving contractor didn’t use the right paver edging. Without the right edging to contain your patio, the paving can shift and separate over time
  • Poor drainage

What are the benefits of using a good quality brick paver sealer?

  • It is mold & mildew resistant
  • Provides dirt/grime & UV damage protection
  • Protection from salt & chemical damage
  • Reduces weeds
  • Reduces insects
  • Enhances color
  • Seals from stains
  • Repels water
  • Reduces rust absorption
  • Improve appearance
paving sealer1

Paving Maintenance

Save yourself trouble and aggravation, contract us for your paving maintenance.

When it comes to property, first impressions definitely count. Your pavement is the first visible aspect of what people can expect on the inside of your house. A sloppy, dirty, pavement with overgrown bushes can give the impression that the house is in the same state. Where as a well-maintained pavement give the impression of a well-kept, tidy garden and residence.

Maintenance on your paving

Paving new or old needs to be maintained and ought to be viewed the same way you view your garden.

Paving is the hard landscaping of your outdoor living garden area vs. soft landscaping of your grass and flower beds, and forms an integral part to the classy appeal of your own home.

Paving and outdoor cleaning, need to form part of your general household maintenance.

Well-kept paving is weed free, dirt and dust free, moss free, and will only enhance your garden. Maintaining your driveway, patio, pool area, braai area or every other paved area well maintained, will simply enhance your pride in your property. and the overall aesthetic appeal to your house.

Our Maintenance service can be carried out on your:

• Driveways
• Outdoor areas around pools and gardens
• Commercial car parks and public walkways
• Housing developments
• Shopping areas
• Schools

You name it, and our expert are doing it.

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maintenance of paving
maintenance paving roodepoort

Have your paved areas deteriorated over the years and are now looking old, dirty or broken down?

Prestige Paving has saved many homeowners in the West Rand, thousands of Rands through the years with our highly effective paving cleaning and paving repair methods. Regular repairs and maintenance can prevent a very expensive paving replacement.

We clean your paving using a multi-purpose degreasing agent and/or an industrial cleaning agent. The choice of product depends on the severity of the stains.

An industrial quality high-pressure cleaner and polisher are used to clean, buff and polish the paved area. Machine brush chemicals assist in this process.

cleaning of paving
cleaning of paving 1

Paving maintenance & Paving repairs service areas include: Krugersdorp (Noordheuwel, Magaliesburg, Hekpoort, Mindalore, Muldersdrift, Kenmare, Rant En Dal, Range View, Luipaardsvlei, Featherbrooke Estate, Monument, Wentworth Park, Homes Haven, Chancliff Ridge),
Randburg, Roodepoort, Randfontein and other surrounding Areas.

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